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Coplanar Inter Metall Via

The C_METVIA module is introduced to connect two coplanar transmission lines with different metal levels. The dimensions and metal level of connected lines are defined in data items addressed by C_LTYP1 and C_LTYP2. L is the length of connection region.


Parameter Description
L  Length of Via Section
C_TYP1 ID of coplanar transmission line applied at ports 1
C_TYP2 ID of coplanar transmission line applied at ports 1
C_SUB ID of coplanar substrate definition
C_GRID ID of simulation control data
TEMP ID of element temperature definition used for noise computation


Equivalent Circuit  

For the modeling of the C_METVIA element, a distributive equivalent circuit is used and the model parameter are derived from quasi-static FD-calculations. The DC and RF losses (represented by R) due to the skin effect are calculated using the surface current distribution on the conductors. The dielectric loss of the substrate material (represented by G, see also C_SUB) is also taken into account.