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Coplanar Air-Bridge Type Data Definition
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Coplanar Air-Bridge Type Data Definition

The C_AIRTYP data item describes the construction of air bridges used in junctions and spiral inductors. Geometrical dimensions and bridge type, as well as dielectric material used in the area of the bridge can be specified in this data Item.


Parameter Discreption Range of Usage
TYPE identifies the metal level of bridge (TYPE=0 no bridge) 0, 1, 2, -1
BW Bridge width n/2.DL (n=1,2,3,...)
BG Bridge gap n/2.DL (n=1,2,3,...)
BS Bridge spacing (BS= - 1 BS = S of connected Linetype) n/2.DL (n=1,2,3,...)
DIE_IDX Index to the dielectric layer definition for bridges in selected foundry 0, 1 or 2 (DEFAULT-Foundry)
L Length of feed line connected to the bridge