Coplan - License - Installation Guide
License Installation
  • This guide is for Coplan for ADS on Windows Systems. Please contact if you have an other versions of ADS.
  • Please forgive me, if one or more steps are to obvious.
  • Below I name the hardware key as "dongle". You can skip the "Dongle" section, if you do not use one.

Dongle Installation

  • Step 1: plug-in the Dongle
  • Step 2: go to C:\ADS2004a\licenses\bin
  • Step 3: open "lmtools.exe"
  • Step 4: select tab "System Settings"
  • Do you find your Dongle-Number in the field "FLEXID" (bottom, left hand side)?
    • Yes: Great, the dongle works! Please proceed at the next step "License Key".
    • No:
      • insert CD1 of ADS2004A (PC Setup Program Disk 1)
      • open flexid.exe from the root directory of this CD
      • go back to Step 2

License Key

  • Contact for a license key.
  • Copy the received file "license.dat" into the directory C:\ADS2004A\licenses
  • Do not change the name of the "license.dat" file !!
  • Do you use automatic layout generation?
    • No: License Key installation is ready
    • Yes:
      • Set the enviroment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE to "C:\ADS2004A\licenses\license.dat"
      • You can set a new environment variable at Start->Settings->Control Panel->System->Advanced->Environment Variables