Integration & Test

IMST carries out measurements in its several special laboratories to ensure that the design meets all customer and regulatory requirements. At the final stage of development, project results, such as hardware and software descriptions, test results and other appropriate documentation (layouts, circuit diagrams, bill of materials, interface documentation, etc.), will be handed over to the customer.

The development of modern hardware requires state-of-the-art measurement equipment. A metrological verification of all relevant parameters is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises during final Type Approval. IMST offers a full range of measurement equipment:

  • RF-measurement equipment (network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, incl. phase noise)
  • Vector signal generators (VSG) that provide signals according to the latest standards in telecommunications
  • Vector signal analyzers (VSA) that allow the evaluation of signals according to the latest standards in telecommunications
  • Fast digital oscilloscopes for analog and digital signals
  • Digital measurement equipment like logic analyzer, pulse pattern generator and BER-Tester
  • Automated measurement setups for measurements over multiple parameters, including summary of the results, for instance, measurement of the transmission spectrum of all channels at different power levels