LoRa module iM880A-L - New features and better prices

The LoRa technology patented by Semtech has long been an integral component in the development of Wimod radio modules, such as the iM880A-L from IMST.
The special feature of the technology is its transmission of data over long distances of up to 15 km using a low transmission power.

For all customers who already use a iM880A-L, the new firmware WIMOD_LR_Base_V1_10 is now available in the download area.

The new features at a glance:

• Optional AES encryption for secure packet exchange
• Channel access with Listen Talk (LBT)
• Multitasking operating system WIMOD-OS with automatic power saving (0,6 µA)
• Device management for the configuration of many radio parameters:
  LoRa & FSK modulation, frequency, spreading factor, bandwidth, error coding, etc.
• Support for iM880A-L and iU880A

We pass the benefits of series production and high sales figures on to you. That is why we have significantly reduced the price of our iM880A-L LoRa module.

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