IMST becomes a testing facility for LoRa wireless solutions

As announced during the last LoRa Alliance Open House in Rotterdam, the IMST Test Center has been selected as an accredited LoRa certification test company.

The aim of the LoRaWAN certification program is to ensure to end customers the interoperability between their application-specific end devices and any LoRaWAN network. This is a crucial requirement for the global deployment of the LoRaWAN networks as well as an device behavior according to specification.

The set of tests is specified in the LoRaAlliance End Device Certification Requirements document. In the future, radiation performance figures will also be tested.

Members of LoRa Alliance benefit from such a program is:

• Certified product
• Interoperability testing
• Use of LoRa®Alliance certified logo
• Product listing on the Alliance website
• Product promotion in Alliance collateral
• Inclusion in Alliance product demonstrations

The IMST Test Center is ready for testing according to LoRaWAN specification.

Test cases according to the LoRaWAN specification V1.0, which include, for example, OTA Activation, Activation by Personalization, Frequency Hopping or Cryptography, are already covered and displayed in a test report.
If errors or deficiencies were to occur during the test, IMST professionals would provide assistance to customers for elimination.

In addition to the LoRaWAN certification, the IMST Test Center - a seperate business unit of IMST GmbH - provides RF and regulatory compliance testing, including EMC, SAR and radio spectrum matters.

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