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Coplanar Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) Capacitor

The C_MIM module represents a series metal-insulator-metal capacitor (MIM-Capacitor) in coplanar line technique. The width of capacitor and its distance to the ground are given in a line type addressed by C_LTYPC. The total length of the capacitor is given by L. The dimensions of connected lines at ports are defined using data items addressed by C_ LTYP1 and C_LTYP2.


Parameter Description Range of Usage
L  Total length of the capacitor  
C_LTYPC ID of coplanar transmission line applied at capacitive section  
C_LTYP1 ID of coplanar transmission line applied at ports 1  
C_LTYP2 ID of coplanar transmission line applied at ports 2  
DIE_IDX Index to dielectric layer definition for capacitors in currently selected foundry  
C_SUB ID of coplanar substrate definition  
C_GRID ID of simulation control data  
TEMP ID of element temperature definition used for noise computation  


Equivalent Circuit  

For the modeling of C_MIM element, the capacitive region is calculated as two coupled coplanar lines (see Analysis of Multiple Coupled Coplanar Lines). The matrices of distributed parameters (capacitance per unit length, inductance per unit length, etc.) are determined using quasi-static FD-calculations.